The Fab Five

I thrive off of relationships in my life and I easily can say that my relationships are the foundations of my happiness and success. Although I’ve learned my lesson in the past with some relationships, I believe that these five factors are the key to any relationship, or yourself individually. I think that my strongest relationships come from people who have these five traits. These people have helped me get to where I am today, and without the traits they have I wouldn’t be as success nor would they be in my life. 


Respect for me, respect for my decisions, respect for my family and other friends. Respect isn’t given, it’s earned. Have the respect to tell me if I am going in the wrong direction and doing something wrong. 


Being able to trust who I am hanging out with is everything to me. If I am venting about a bad day, I need to be able to trust that they won’t go and share my business. On that page, I need to be able to trust that my friends won’t go behind my back and talk about me in bad ways. It happens, and I get that, but if I can avoid that as much as possible I will. Loyalty and trust are very important traits to find in someone, and worthy ones at that.


This goes along with respect. Take responsibility to get your stuff together. Anyone who has their life in order is more appealing and is nice to rely on. Responsibility shows maturity and maturity is a pleasant thing to be surrounded by. 


Honesty is the best policy. Sure the truth hurts sometimes, but I rather be hurt with the truth than be comforted with a lie. A true friend will hold you accountable and tell you exactly what they think. I am a brutally honest person and confrontation doesn’t bother me, so I expect them to do the same. 


Unconditional love. I’m going to be stupid, annoying, and rude sometimes. I’m going to have my horrible days and better ones too. I see this in my friends and at the end of the day I still love them because I understand to get their best, I need to handle their worst. Romans 5:8 states, “I loved you at your darkest”. 

So what if I’m picky about my friends? I like to be surrounded by people I can completely rely on 100% of the time. Even if they hurt my feelings sometimes with the truth, I know the respect they have for me and mine I have for them will always stand me back up on my feet. 


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