Sweet Summer Time 

Summer time calls for summer detoxes! I found some amazing detox waters that I’m going to start trying. First batch of the summer: kiwi, cucumber, strawberry and raspberries!

I’m trying to start a healthy lifestyle since I’m going into my last couple years of playing water polo. Sure, I will always try to keep in the water, but I need to know how to exercise on my own without going to a practice. And not eat 6000 calories a day.. That journey is starting this summer.

I think one of the most important things in life is the ability to love yourself and the way you look. Whether this is to embrace your current figure or try to perfect your ideal body shape, it makes life so much more enjoyable. I know I’m a healthy individual, but I have struggled for years with my body and how I view it. The bottom line is, you can have the perfect body in someone else’s eyes, but hate your body nonetheless. This is the sad truth, but it is coming from someone who lives in these shoes directly.

This year I have struggled a lot, because going from high school to college, it is a huge turn around. The infamous freshman 15 IS A REAL THING. Before college, this thought scared the living daylights out of me. After I get back from college, it still scared me. I was disgusted with my body, But subconsciously I knew I wasn’t in bad shape or health. It’s so hard to just look at yourself when you’re unhappy with your body. But people would come up to me and say I had a beautiful body.  I wish I just could have loved my body the way it was, to embrace it. To the incoming freshman, minimize the little snacking while doing homework. This was my undoing. Make sure you workout, use the free gym facility 🙂

So yes, I once was unhappy with my body. Now I am on the track to keeping it clean and healthy. As of now, I am learning to love the body I was given. I am not built to be Skinny Minnie, I don’t come with voluptuous curves either. I’m not Victoria Secret model material, nor am I the next Kim Kardashian. The truth is, 99% of women aren’t. But these women are shown to us, giving women a standard to be. Women do not have to be this to be or feel beautiful. Although I wish I had these traits sometimes, I come with a 5’4, muscular, non curvey, athletic built body. I am built for me, and I love it. I am willing to make this the best body I’m going to love, because obviously this is the only one I’m going to get. Love your body, God gave you the perfect body to take care of and flaunt. Feel comfortable in your skin, whether it’s working out or just being yourself. I know how hard it is when you hate what you look like, but those model girls are about the size of one of my thighs. I’m proud to say if I ever need to defend myself or need strength in anyway, I will be equipt. So, love yourself, and know there is someone out there who would die to have your body.

There’s my summer plan/ weight/ body rant and feelings. 🙂


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