Meet Noelle ♡

“So I heard about this whole don’t judge challenge and all people are doing is putting on dots and making unibrows on themselves and then after that they put makeup on themselves. I just wanted to say you are judging if you are putting unibrows of dots as acne and then removing it and then making you  beautiful. But here’s the truth each and everyone of you guys are such beautiful magnificent creatures on this planet you girls do not need to put on  makeup to feel pretty because you already are I mean that from the bottom of my heart you guys are super beautiful you guys are amazing and loved.😍😘👍”

Meet this beautiful girl, Noelle. I know her through coaching a youth water polo team and swim team. I read this today and it absolutely made my day. She is such an inspiration at such a young age. We need more girls in the world like this. If you don’t know what the Don’t Judge Challenge is, it’s kids painting unibrows on their faces and applying fake acne. It’s kinda stupid, because all these kids are doing is making fun of those who aren’t accepted as beautiful on the social society. It’s not cool to put people down. Having acne doesn’t make you ugly, I’m pretty sure all of us have had it at one time or another. Having glasses doesn’t make you ugly, pretty much half of society wears glasses. Don’t judge people for looking norma. Not all of us try our hardest when we are getting ready in the morning.  In fact, I pretty much never do. I really do support the messy bun, no makeup look. I watched Noelle today, and this was easily the wisest thing I’ve heard all week.

So all in all, hats off to you, Noelle. You know what’s up and you have an amazing head on your shoulders. You will go amazing places. Here’s the truth, ladies (&gentlemen), you don’t need makeup to be beautiful and having acne, glasses or anything of that sort doesn’t deem you as ugly.


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