For the Misunderstood.

Anything and everything comes with a reputation and a stereotype no matter how hard we try to stop it. It’s human nature. 

Tonight’s example I will use is a sorority. Fresno Pacific will be adding a Christian sorority Kappa Phi in a couple of weeks.  Alright. To make things clear, I have many friends in the Greek systems at their respective colleges, so I’m definitely not against them. I think that Greek life has a lot going for them. However, no matter where you go, Greeks come with reputation. When you ask a normal non-Greek what they think of a sorority, you get an array of answers. 

So I decided to ask some girls and guys around campus what a sorority seemed like through their eyes. Here are some of the answers.

Partiers. Hazing. Shackers. Sloppy. Stuck up. Narcissistic. Shallow. Think they are better than everyone else. Only live in their Greek world. 

OBVIOUSLY not every sorority girl falls under this category. Despite everyone’s common opinion on these type of ladies, they are still looked to as the girls to be. They live the life at college, sporting their letters and living in a mansion. Being in a sorority doesn’t always involve date dashes and drinking with your date. It’s more than that. And that’s what I’ve learned recently. By definition, sorority means a society for female students to become united in a sisterhood in a university or college, typically for social purposes. A sorority is a sisterhood, to come together as girls to be one (without the bitchy snarls or rude comments to each other). Cheesy, maybe. But it’s the truth. A sorority gives girls entering and going through college somewhere to call home and people to call family. Greeks are also known for outstanding community service to their area, though it may not be the first thing they post on social media. 

So this leads me to tell you about Kappa Phi. Kappa Phi will be FPU’s first sorority on campus, and the only one at that. It’s being started by a wonderful group of dedicated ladies who have heard it all when trying to put this thing together. Even when I told some of my friends I was going to join this sorority, they looked at me like I was absolutely insane. Off my rocker. They scoffed at me and rolled their eyes. I get it, Greek life isn’t for everyone. If I didn’t go to FPU and went to a state school, Greek would NOT be for me. But the thing is, is that when I thought Greek life, I thought of the stereotypes. But here at FPU, I could not be more excited to rush next weekend. Why do I want to rush Kappa Phi? Let me tell you some of the reasons, maybe after this post you may even want to too. (If not though, I’m not gonna hate you or frown upon you or become stuck up srat to you 😉 ). 

I want to rush Kappa Phi for many reasons. I want a family of sisters. I know I have this with polo and I have 18 amazing sisters in that sport. But part of me wants to be more involved in this university, more so than the average athlete. So I thought long and hard before I told people I would rush, because I knew I’d get crap. But I am going to have two families, two families filled with gorgeous girls. With Kappa Phi, I hope to give back to the Fresno County community and do more than just be involved on campus. On an even smaller scale, I want to make a positive impact on each and every one of those other Kappa Phi girls’ lives. I dealt with depression my first year of college and I tended to feel very alone. Despite having my polo team (which they helped tremendously and I couldn’t have made it through the year without them), I still felt disconnect from the school. I shared my feelings with my coaches and always wished that something would come on campus to let me get more involved. Kappa Phi was announced and I was kinda iffy at first then decided if I moped the whole year about nothing to do at school, and then I was given this that I should at least try it out. 

FPU isn’t a state school. We have rules, we have values to obtain. And as a Kappa Phi sorority we intend to uphold those values to higher expectations for our sisters. We aren’t going to be partying or doing date dashes or exchanges. Those aren’t in our values, so we will not be partaking. Our value is purity. 

So I know what the word sorority comes with.I know I will get strange looks for being in a sorority at a Christian college, because sororities only seem fit and crazy enough for big schools or state schools. Sororities and Fraternities are an awesome thing and give so much back to the community. The only thing that makes them seem bad is their reputation that has been built over the year. But I feel that Kappa Phi on FPU’s campus has gotten a lot of grief already and it hasn’t even begun, all because people can’t look past stereotypes. Think of the actual meaning of a word before you incorporate an environment. Kappa Phi will be a sisterhood on a Christian campus, uniting girls through the Lord and breaking down the social division between the girls at our school. I am more than happy to be a part of this, and I am more than happy to explain this to you guys who took the time to read this. If you ever have questions, I am so willing to explain anything about Kappa Phi. Let me break those stereotypes for you and show you what we truly will be. I won’t judge you for giving me a dirty look or calling me/ Kappa Phi crazy or stupid, simply because I’ve been there. Until I finally opened my eyes and mind and let some of this light in. 🙂 


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