My Finding of The Day 

This morning I found security in God.

Isaiah 64:4 is a verse explaining patience and waiting for the great thing to come. Even if you have never seen, nor heard it in real life, you wait. Because you know that’s  what your heart is telling you to do. When people waited for Jesus’s resurrection they were going off of prophecies, or a form of fate that they believed in. As the idea above states, our willingness to wait reveals how much value we out into that thing we are waiting on. Really, it is just you, listening to your heart and staying patient in the coldest of times.

God showed me this verse this morning and I got chills. But I know he is showing me so many things right now for a reason. I can’t wait to find out what that reason is. Believing in something and staying optimistic isn’t something I’m used to doing. But in a hard time, God has shown me that is what I need to do. So I will. Even if it’s terrifying for me to hold on.

[i am continuing to listen and really believe my tattoo, heart over mind…]


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