All Creatures Great and Small

As you may or may not have previously known, I love animals. LOVE. I love all animals, but like anything in life, I do have favorites and I have some that I don’t love quite as much as the ones on the top of my list…. Today I will share some of my top seven favorite animals (don’t ask why not top five or top ten, I’m just feeling seven today).

7.  Fox

 Yeah yeah. Tell me more about how they are pests. I’ve heard it before. But until you see one of these in the wild, you don’t realize how truly beautiful they are. I mean, look at how fluffy and adorable?! I’d cuddle with that.

6.  African Lion

Forget cuteness here, look at how majestic this beast looks? So much power comes behind that stare. But if you just take the time to look up a video on YouTube or watch a lion special on animal planet, you realize how anatomically perfect these animals are. No wonder lions are the king of the animal kingdom. Who couldn’t love Simba?!

5.  Deer

I’m going to stick with a Disney theme for one more animal… There is a good reason Bambi is my favorite movie of all time. I think deer have some of the prettiest eyes in the kingdom. I think I’ve always just said one of my favorite animals were deer after I saw Bambi…

4.  Canadian Lynx

I have had personal pleasure of seeing one of these cats in my backyard, in the winter season at that. They are absolutely gorgeous. Lynx are the shadow cats of the PNW, they normally travel alone or with a mate (the same mate for their whole life). So yes, they can love and have a partnership, how adorable πŸ™‚ They can spot a mouse in the snow up to 250 feet away. So there’s that, kind of bada$s.


3.  White Rhino

As of last week, there are only three of these left in the WORLD. One male, two females. Although reproduction is still an option, it’s too little too late for this species. They will probably be extinct before the next fifteen years pass. But I find these creatures so interesting, they can get up to 35 mph and they weigh 5100 lbs. That’s insanely impressive to get that much weight to that high of a speed. Not to mention that they are basically wearing armor…

2.  Jaguar

 Okay, I am NOT a cat person and the only exceptions I make are for the Lynx, the Lion and the Jaguar. I adore the look of the jaguar. They have some of the prettiest eyes (like deer). Did you know Jaguars can have the usual golden cat eye, bright blue eyes and even green eyes? That’s my favorite part about them. They have color to their eyes and it almost adds character. It’s not like you’re looking into the brown or golden beastly stare. The jaguar has the strongest bite out of any mammal, coming in at 2000 psi. The next closest mammal are the gorilla at 1200 psi.
1. Wolf

  Wolves are by far my favorite animal, EVER. Ever. They are simply beautiful. When I graduate with my Environmental Science degree, I intend to go up to Washington to live and do research on packs up there. Again, same thing as I said with the foxes; I understand these wolves can be pests, especially to farmers. I want to stop the mass killing of our few packs, and try to find ways for the wolves and farmers to live in harmony, as cheesy as that sounds… I just wish more people would see them as pretty as they instead of just monsters. In another post, I will explain exactly what I want to do after I graduate with wolves specifically…
So there you have it, my top 7 favorite animals of all time πŸ™‚


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