Future Plans


It happens. And it is inevitable. As a college student, you will be asked this 500 different times every single time you come home for break.

“What’s your major?” …. “Oh. What do you plan on doing with that?” 

As I am starting my second semester to my sophomore year at college, I am starting to take more and more upper division courses that are pertaining to my major. This forces me to think more deeply on what exactly I want to do with my life. Of course, the ideal life would be to be able to be a millionaire and live with all 17 of my dogs I wish to have while hiking during the day and binge watching Netflix during the night. But that’s not a thing. So, I will explain what I am majoring in, why I am majoring in it, and what I want to do with it!

First things first, I am majoring in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Biology. No, you won’t find me tying myself to trees in hopes they won’t be cut down. Like the picture above says,  I don’t want to protect the environment. I want to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting. I would love to stop seeing people making themselves look crazy by tying themselves to trees. However, I am emphasizing on biology, which means I wish to work with the animal side of the environment. Best case scenario, I will obtain a job in some sort of state department or a conservation unit to work with animals. I wish to work with research pertaining to wolf packs, elk herds or any other major fauna in the Pacific Northwest.

I have the set up down here for the next couple of years. I will probably do college research somewhere east of Fresno, most likely Yosemite or Kings Canyon. If you haven’t noticed already, I do plan on moving back up to Washington to work since my major has a lot of job opportunities in many different regions in Washington. I am a huge family person, so whatever I may end up  doing, it is very important to stay close to my family. If you have read my blog before, you know my heart for animals and their conservation. I would love to live in Washington my entire life, getting to experience the wildlife that resides there. I think one of the best things about Washington is all the wildlife that you can find anywhere you can go. It seemed just ordinary and now that I live in California, I realize how much I took all of it for granted. Living in California has showed me how fragile the environment and wildlife is. I guess being down here has put some fear and determination in me to help restore populations up in Washington.

So there you have it. Environmental Science and lots and lots of love for the land and the animals living among it. I am passionate enough about this subject, it will hardly be a job to me. Hopefully, in 4 or 5 years I get to spend my days researching the wolf packs or playing/rehabbing with little furry woodland creatures of the PNW.It’d be a nightmare if I saw the beauty of Washington deplete throughout my life. To be quite honest, it should be anyone’s nightmare. We only have one planet. We have to learn how to take care of it better than we have been in the past. Learning to live in harmony with the land (no matter how cheesy that may sound) is what skill we all need to learn. Keep Washington green. I would love to be involved in keeping it the way it is, even bettering it for future generations to live there. 🙂



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