I am Thankful For…

Getting a little late start to the week of Thanksgiving, but I’m going to share each day (or multiple times a day) who I am thankful for this year. In case you haven’t heard this line too many times before, life is too short to not tell the people you love how much you love them. So starting two days late, first up is…

Emily Elizabeth KnowlesIMG_3350-1.PNG

If you don’t know her, get to know her. If you do know her, you are blessed with endless laughter when she is in your presence. I am lucky enough to have gotten to room with her the past two years. People always question how we even ended up roommates… I’m short. She’s tall. I’m pessimistic. She’s optimistic. I’m an introvert. She’s an extrovert.  It just works out okay? Opposites obviously attract, duh. I am so thankful that we are because you keep my cynical mind sane when I am having a mental breakdown (which frequently happens every Monday). Essentially, we spend 10 months out of the year side by side, in our room or in the pool. She is the most eccentric human I have ever met, she has one of the kindest hearts, and she has a love for dill pickle sunflower seeds just as much as I do. She is beautiful inside and out and she loves everyone around her. You are one of my best friends Emzilla, and there’s no one else in the world I’d rather have 1 am dance parties with, heckle opposing teams with, nap with, have GIF arguments with or go on Dutch runs with.  Thank you for breaking this little introvert out of her shell every now and then!

I am thankful for YOU. I love you so so much, Knowlesie. You will be my sister friend for always!


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