I am Thankful For…

Emma Jane Friedmanemma.jpg

Yesterday, today and the rest of my crazy days in my life, I am so thankful for this girl right here. I mean, look at her!!! She’s adorable!!!! I actually get to see her tonight for the first time in about five months and its probably been the longest we have ever been apart without seeing each other for a couple days here and there. It has probably been the least we have talked in five months given the gnarly time difference between California and Australia. All that aside, the time I did get to catch up with her we never skipped a beat in our friendship. When I had a rough day, texting her and she would reply with an open ear to my problems. But that didn’t surprise me because that is exactly the type of friend she has always been to me. Emma is my person, the partner in crime, the best/most dysfunctional hiking buddy there is, the one who understands my cynicism, the person that knows me better than the back of her own hand. I understand that any early morning we have together includes minimal talking until we have stopped at Starbucks. We have seen each other at our worst, emotionally, physically and mentally. Thank you for the endless laughs until I’m crying. Thanks for still loving me even though I am extremely weird, like when my teeth itch. And you are so welcome for still loving you when we have to make pit stops on the way home from camping.  Thank goodness you aren’t terrified of me like you were our first year of water polo together, because I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you! Can’t wait to go hiking with you this weekend, hopefully the weatherman doesn’t lie like he did last year saying it’s going to be 45 degrees (when it was actually 18 degrees).

I am so thankful for you, Emma Jane Friedman! See you in 8 hours 🙂



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