I am Thankful For…

 Erik Michael Brown 

I am thankful for you, Brownie. I am thankful that you are the best friend. You are handsome, you are sweet, you are tough but you have such a gentle loving heart. You have the best heart I know, and I am so lucky to be loved by you. You are the type of person that lights up a room when you walk in. I’m thankful that when I’m having the hardest day, you remind me that everything will be okay. You will sit with me until I believe that everything will be okay. I will never forget you coming into my dorm to me crying, and you taking two whole hours out of your day to sincerely ask how I was doing. I sometimes question at what exact moment I felt loved by you, but there never was that moment simply because you have a heart that loves everyone. You encourage my relationship with Christ, however you recognize my slow path with it. You encourage me to see the positives in life. Erik, you make me a better person.

I am thankful for you, Erik Michael. I love you more than you’ll ever know.


One thought on “I am Thankful For…

  1. I love you hanny! Dont ever doubt yourself!EVER! nd “BROWNIE” TREAT HER RIGHT! Incase u didnt know we are mafia the goss mafia lol….loves you to the moon n back


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