A Dog’s Purpose 

Alright, I’m going to give my two cents on this dilemma. First off, YES, I am going to see a Dog’s Purpose tonight. As most people know, I love dogs more than I love 99% of the human population. Someone asked me, “How can you live with yourself seeing that movie after that video was released?!”

It’s easy, really. When that video came out, I refused to watch it because

1. I didn’t want to be sick to my stomach from whatever I saw in the video

2. I wanted to look deeper into detail about this video before believing everything I see on the internet!!!!!

I jumped into some research. I typed into the google search bar A Dog’s Purpose Video. The first thing that popped up was this video that went viral two weeks before the premiere of the movie. The second thing I saw was PETA (for those of you who aren’t familiar, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Personally, I kind of laughed when I saw that they were the ones to post this video because PETA is known for being radical people when it comes to animals. This is not always a bad thing, and that is coming from the heart of my animal loving self. Might I add, I love animals. But I’m no vegan. I hunt and fish, I still love animals the same. PETA has done some good things for the animal world. However, as I said before they can be slightly insane when it comes to their ethical approach. They are known for extremely skewing situations dealing with animals to make it look like it’s abuse or neglect. Just to give you an even broader picture of this group, here’s a couple things you should know about PETA before making your final decision whether to see this new movie:

(Not all of these should be horrible things, except the radicalness of PETA makes them cross the line)

1. They endorse a vegan lifestyle, which is great. You do you, vegans! Except, they are hard core anti-dairy. To the point where they think cows should not be used for their milk at all. At one point, the group tried to draw publicity to their lifestyle by urging Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to replace cow milk with human milk in their products since that wouldn’t be discriminating… #UhWhat….

2. PETA shelters endorse euthanizing their homeless animals that come to the shelter because they feel that it is a “kindness” to put these suffering pets out of misery. This has never been a kept secret by the group, and they openly say that this is hoe they help the suffering of the animals. Some PETA shelters have been known to euthanize over 90% of the animals that come to their shelter; which is way more than the ASPCA shelters.

3. You’d think as a publicized group, PETA would seem somewhat mature. This next thing might surprise you. Gordon Ramsey, a celebrity super chef, cooked horse meat on one of his shows (I don’t condone eating other animal meat besides the regular stuff like pork, beef, venison, etc., HOWEVER, I know it happens so again, you do you Gordon). PETA was obviously outraged by this and decided that the best possible solution to the situation was to dump a ton of manure on the steps of Claridge’s, Gordon’s London restaurant. This was hilarious to me, however this is what some nine year old punk kid would do that to his teacher that gave him an F on his spelling test.

4. PETA believes that one day the world can reach a place where people would not be able to own pets, stating on their website, “the selfish desire to possess animals and receive love from them causes immeasurable suffering of the animals”. They believe with people having pets, that dogs and cats would be neutered into extinction. PETA also claims that dogs and cats should be switched to a vegetarian diet. What?!?! That is SCIENTIFIC FACT that dogs and cats are carnivorous. Their health would eventually decline with lack of protein in their diet, which could be seen as neglect. hm…

Those are just some quick facts on PETA, to give you some insight on the people who posted the video. Another thought is that this video was shot in 2015 while the movie was still being filmed, why did they wait until over a year later and a week before the premiere to release this footage? As a group that claims to be putting animal’s rights first, one would’ve thought they would’ve released the video the moment it was shot on set.

Adding to these thoughts, the director and some of the actors reacted to this video. Dennis Quaid assured people that no animals were harmed in this movie, saying that the theme of this movie was to show the love animals have for us and the love we have for them. It was also said that this video was taken out of context. That the green screen guy was having to shift around the dog before cameras were rolling and it spooked the dog, as probably any dog would be spooked from that.

I have my opinion on this video that went viral, I am trying to voice my opinion to others because I believe this video is highly skewed and taken out of context by PETA. Take this information I have given as you will, but I really do hope I educated some of you that were unsure. Also, remember, don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Make sure you research when you see a questionable video because so many people now a days have too much free time and create issues. For this post, I have gotten my sources from USA Today, CNN, & Buzzfeed.

I’m sure I will bawl my eyes out tonight at the theater, but this might just be my new favorite movie. I LOVE DOGS.


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