Mema & Papa

This is from a video I found on Facebook, I will attach the link to this post. Go watch it!

I miss my Mema and Papa too much to ever put into words. I question every day what they’d say about where I’m at right now in life. I wish they could’ve seen me graduate, I wish I had them in the stands from time to time in my water polo games, I wish that I could still go over to their houses every weekend like I did before they both passed away within months of each other. I learned so much from them as a kid and I couldn’t even imagine how much I would’ve learned at my age now. It’s one of those things where I’d do anything to just have one more conversation with both of them. Even after losing them, I feel them around me often. Mom told me whenever I find a random feather, it’s Papa. And when I see a butterfly, it’s Mema (although I’m terrified of butterflies). More often than not, I find random feathers stuck to my jacket or a butterfly will land on me or on the table I’m at (I try not to panic anymore). I miss them, but I’m glad they come say hi every now and then. I love and miss them more than anything and it’s been more than a decade and it still hurts like it happened weeks ago. I think that just shows the love we had for each other was that strong. This video hit me hard, and it is one of the truest things I’ve seen on Facebook. It’s worth the watch. Go tell someone how much you love them.


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