Valentine’s Day

Just about a month late, but that’s alright. The past month has been full of travels every weekend to different parts of California for water polo tournaments. More than half way done with my third season, I can finally sit down and reflect a little bit on the past month.  IMG_6664.JPG

This nifty little journal was gifted to me on Valentine’s day this year. If you know me, you know I was probably pretty dang pumped about this. Erik gave it to me during our laid back  date night. But what he said while he handed it to me was what made my heart skip a beat like a twitterpated bafoon. He said,

“I got you this journal, not just because you’ll probably like that its super weathered so you can take it in your pack on your hikes… But because I want to encourage you to write more. It’s one of my favorite things about you and I hope that one day we can look back and read the adventures we have gone on. I hope that you use this to write down the story of us.” 

I love creative writing and just jotting down thoughts of mine. But as you can see, its a hobby of mine that I don’t always get around to. Its that hobby that you love but sometimes you go months or years without really exercising that hobby. I think what meant the most of this gift was that Erik openly encouraged me to do what I love, and that he loved seeing me happy when I did it. That to me, was more heartfelt than so many other gifts I have ever received. So I decided to really take full advantage of this journal and his request, and I am going to use it as a book to tell the story of our adventures. Whether it be read by us in the future, or written once and never read again, or maybe even to jot my memory if I ever forget him and he has to read me our story when I’m old (*Note the Notebook reference), I will write my little heart out in this thing until I can’t anymore. I decided to share the first page with my blog because I couldn’t decided how I should start writing in the journal and then it dawned on me. This verse has always played a special role in our relationship, and what an excellent reminder for the first page of our story.

Isaiah 54:10 reads, “For the mountains may depart and the hills be removed, my steadfast love shall not depart from you.”



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