Finals Week as told by Water Polo Players

As finals week comes to a close for many universities, it’s close to a miracle that us students survive this wretched week. The highs, the lows, the ugly cries, the accepting our grade, everyone knows the pain of finals week in college.

Here is the stages of finals week, as told by FPU women’s water polo


Stage 1.


When you realize finals week is NEXT week.

Stage 2.


When you regret sleeping through the review sessions the past couple of weeks.

Stage 3.


Panic. When you realize you have 4 exams, 5 papers, 1 research poster all due within the next 5 days and you decide to sit and panic instead of starting any of them.

Stage 4.


You start questioning everything. What do you mean there’s not going to be a curve on the final exam??? Why did I do this to myself? Do I even really need this degree?

*googles fastest way to become a millionaire by the age of 24*

Stage 5.


Mental Breakdown #1 out of probably 1,000,000 for that week. Again, regretting the lack of studying done up to this point.

Stage 6.


Going absolutely insane.  The late night occurrence of you losing your mind, you wonder if you will ever be sane ever again.

Stage 7.


Wondering if it’s even worth it to study or hoping that your basic knowledge of the subject will get you through the week.

Stage 8.


Walking into your first final telling yourself that you have everything under control and all will be okay.

Stage 9.


The “I have everything under control” reality.

Stage 9.5


… Still not having everything under control.

Stage 10.


You sit down at your next final and YOU KNOW THE FIRST QUESTION WITHOUT HAVING TO GUESS!!!!!!!

Stage 11.


Flipping the page of the exam and realizing the professor put all the easiest questions on the first page, and still trying to tell yourself everything will be okay.

Stage 12.


Getting back to your room just in time for mental breakdown #49 of the week, wondering which will come first; the end of the week or your death.

Stage 13.


Realizing everything IS NOT OKAY, I REPEAT NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!

Stage 13.5


Accepting that your death will most certainly come before the end of the week at this point.

Stage 14.


Having the grand idea put all finals out of sight, and maybe you’ll just forget about them.

Stage 15.


Finding the last amount of determination and focus you need to crush your last finals.

Stage 16.


When your professor tells you he won’t round your grade up from a C+ to an A-

Stage 17.


Walking out of your last final, not sure if you should worry that you just failed it or just ignore it and be happy that you survived finals week.



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